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This my darling is a lifestyle
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Curious about where words and phrases come from?

Have a quick look at my blog where we delve into the history and humour that the English language has to offer!

Wobbly – A Twenty-Something-Year-Old’s Perspective On Life

You can check out my newest (only) book. It’s a collection of my poems that deals with topics on emotions in general, angry ranting at things I wish I could change and just a little bit of self-discovery. If you’re interested in poetry or would like to help support us, please consider buying a copy!

Book Recommendations

If you’re looking for some book recommendations I can suggest the Books That Shaped Me page. Here I have compiled a list of the (so far) most influential books that I have read. So if you’re looking for a good read consider checking out my affiliate links! I get a bit of money from any purchases made via these links. It would be much appreciated if you would consider using these links to help support the website!