Who is RedRabble?

I’m Beth Hitchman and I’m currently studying  English Literature and Creative Writing for a BA(Hons) Degree. I’m passionate about every generation feeling capable and equipped to engage with the English language on a personal level.

Reading can be intimidating at first but it can also be freeing and enable us to express and discover more about who we are as individuals and more about what we like. I have always loved reading and never understood people who “don’t” read. My theory is that they just haven’t found the right book yet! So my goal is to help people find what is right for them; while also giving myself a good reason to do copious amounts of reading… It’s a win-win!

I also dabble in writing poetry, I’ve written poetry for as long as I can remember, all throughout school it has been a way for me to process and deal with emotions and personal issues. I’ve gathered a collection of my poems into a book so if you’re interested in that or would like to help support my work please check out the wobbly tab on this website!

Why Did I Create RedRabble?

RedRabble was initially going to be a place for me to flex my creative muscles I’ve always struggled as an artist to show my work to people and I have battled with whether or not my work was supposed to be private for me. At the time of creating this website, It was suggested that it might be better to put my poems into a book as it ties in better with my dream of being a published author. So the website went up in the air and landed in my other not so secret passion. Reading, and reading a lot. I’ve always loved the immersive element of books, so it just makes sense for me to pursue what I really love! Reading. Sharing the latest book I’ve read, whether or not it was worth reading and developing a community of people that enjoy spending evenings alone on the couch with some form of caffeine and a good book!

If this sounds like you… Welcome to the rabble!