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“The Truth will get under your skin.”

Ink follows an aspiring inker, (tattoo artist) Leora, who lives in the charming, heavily tattooed village of Saintstone. Sixteen-year-old Leora is thrown into a life riddled with secrets and lies that make her question her family and her own supposed history. This book delves into the process of mourning and trying to recapture a healthy lifestyle while discussing the difficulties of integrating into an adult world while personal issues run rampant.

Leora is a self-conscious pale skinned unmarked girl in a society that is filled with beautiful dark skin and story-ridden bodies. Shortly before her graduation when her father passes away Leora’s life is plunged into a downward spiral as she tries to balance family, study, friendship and work all while trying to find out the truth about who she is. We watch this young protagonist as she develops from being a character that is forced to react to the situations around her to one that actively attempts to impact the world in a forceful way.

Ink is described as “…a story about love, loyalty and the desire to live forever. It is a tale that gets under your skin.” This book lives up to the other many positive reviews and is a fantastic start for the soon to be trilogy. Alice Broadway’s writing style is gripping; she managed to tell a unique modern-day story that brings about a new-relevance to the questions – “What happens after we die, and what can we do to be remembered here on earth?” It also focuses on universal themes that the intended audience (teenagers and young adults) often fixate on such as occupations, dreams, desires, social status, trust and love.

Broadway balances past with present throughout the book and has a beautiful way of giving context to the characters stories and beliefs; she sheds light on how earth-shattering it can be to have fundamental truths stripped away from us. She manages to delve into all topics of life, like friendship, love, family and work while still giving us a masterful story full of suspense. Broadway makes you question who you can trust in this world with detailed characters and the creative writing devices she uses.

The story is in the genres of young adult, fiction, and fantasy. Its writing is simple and effective. Broadway makes good use of historical texts within the books that gives the reader a reference point and a link into our current world. These stories have a significant effect on world-building as it provides us with a reference point as to why some cultural practices take place. From said cultural contexts we get the foundation for one of the central outlying themes in the book, tattoos. There are two types of cultures we can find in this book; the one our protagonist is set in believes that tattoos are an essential stable in life. A person is judged by their skin, during their life as they receive marks for crime, age, occupation and family history as well as marks of personal significance.

The other significant culture within Broadway’s world is a society of people named the “blanks”. They are deemed untrustworthy as their skin is unreadable. They have no way of being remembered by their marks, and they have no way of seeing crimes or any ill-intent. Almost everyone in Saintstone fears the blanks despite the fact they have not been sighted in a long time. However, there are rumours of an uprising.

All in all Alice Broadway’s Ink (Book one in the Skin trilogy) was a delight to read and has to go onto my all-time fastest devoured books list! It was an enchanting book, and I cannot wait to read the second part of the trilogy. I think this is a fantastic book and recommend it for readers aged 13+, but readers should be aware that Ink deals with elements of death, political uprising, there are a few instances of aggression, and there is a process called skin-flaying (it is what it says on the tin).

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