Mr Wonderful

I don’t know how to tell you How important you are to me I don’t know when it happened But you’ve swept me off my feet And ever since that moment When awake and when asleep You have become the most Important person to me


Vacant stares, Ill-prepared, Fingers run through stray hairs, City streets, Strangers you meet, Stuck in lives, Left on repeat.


We lost ourselves in the fire, cause we couldn’t see through the smoke, and we didn’t know the way out, because we didn’t listen to good folk, and we lost ourselves in the temper, because we couldn’t control ours, but we learnt from you our leader, so the blood on...


I’m sad right now, I don’t know why, all I seem to do is cry. Some say it’s work, some say it’s me, others say it’s in-between.


I lie awake and think of anything but you, I cannot think of anything but you, I watch a movie and the love I see is you, I read a book and scrawled across the pages is you.

Lost Cause

They don’t feel that way, you don’t think they ever will, you feel lost again.


This my darling is a lifestyle. We go boom! Girls like me do grow on sugarplum trees but we are made of a little bit more then sugar or fruit we have a special x that makes people go mute I can’t see the light that controls the flame so I'll decide to make my own And...

Through My Window

Green leaves, Redberry bushes, Open windows, Clanging of dishes, The sound of music, Floating through the air, Sunlight on the mossy roof, Whistling without a care.