Welcome To The Rabble!

I believe the first step is to put a name to our faces, the face to the left is reading enthusiast and content writer here at RedRabble, Beth Hitchman. She is the force behind the book reviews and other written content here. 

Max van der Pol is the handsome guy on the right and he is the one that keeps this website running smoothly! He does all of the logos and most of the graphics and is basically the only reason that RedRabble is a functioning website!

So What Is RedRabble?

RedRabble is a place where you can find book recommendations for all sorts of books. Beth is a bibliophile with a large library of books behind her. She is gradually working her way through her current collection to give you the highs and lows of her impulse purchases!

This is the website to go to if you don’t know what to read next, or if you are wanting to begin your collection and would like to know what to sink your teeth into first! You can use this site to find out more information about the book you’re considering purchasing (or one that you’ve already bought … bibliophiles am I right?). Here at RedRabble we want you to be part of the conversation, so if you’ve purchased one of these books or read them previously or are even considering reading them please join the community of book enthusiasts and let us know what you think!

We also like to focus on the other half of the literary world. We believe that there is a story in everyone and while not everyone may choose to share it there are those brave few that chose to do so. We want to encourage writers to develop their stories by providing useful tools of the trade to help them build up the write habit… I’m sorry… that pun was just too tempting, hate me if you want; it’s staying!

You can make requests and submit books for review or for recommending writing devices we should cover in our writer’s blog by commenting here or on our social media, or email us at redrabblepoetry@gmail.com. All social media can be found by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page!

Why Create RedRabble?

We want to make reading accessible. A lot of people that we know in our day to day lives don’t read, due to not having the time… or not knowing where to start. RedRabble is simply a starting place, pick a genre, pick a book. Our goal is to make choosing adventures to read less intimidating so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful world of books hassle free.

On the writing side of the website, we have a similar mindset. We want to enable people to attain their literary goals in writing or in reading. Writing is one of the hardest professions to stick at because it starts as a hobby. No one wakes up and applies for a job to be an author, they have to work hard at producing something of value first. We appreciate how hard it is to keep doing something regardless of wage or following (because let’s face it, we do write because we want to be read… and there is nothing wrong with that!) We are here to be the guiding elbow for people who don’t quite know how to make their wishful thinking a lifestyle choice.

If any of these topics interest you, please consider sticking around and joining the rabble… You are very welcome!