The Complete Short Stories: Volume One – Roald Dahl

Dahl writes in a dark and sinister way about things that happen or could be happening behind any closed door. I thoroughly recommend this book as it was a delight to read and easy to pick up! If you would like your child to read this book you should probably read some of them yourself first because a few of them are disturbing. I would, however, recommend picking this read up for anyone else, the wide range of topics and themes means that there is something that everyone can enjoy. If you were a fan of Dahl as a child or a grown up, I would encourage you to read his more adult stories as they are just as brilliant as the childhood classics!

Ink – Alice Broadway

Alice Broadway’s Ink (Book one in the Skin trilogy) was a delight to read and has to go onto my all-time fastest devoured books list! It was an enchanting book, and I cannot wait to read the second part of the trilogy. I think this is a fantastic book and recommend it for readers aged 13+, but readers should be aware that Ink deals with elements of death, political uprising, there are a few instances of aggression, and there is a process called skin-flaying (it is what it says on the tin).