Why I Chose These Books.

I believe that words are a very powerful device. They possess the unique ability to enable a reader to feel something that the individual has never felt before, imagined or could possibly understand.

The books depicted have had a particular influence on my life. They have enabled me to experience new emotions and situations that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Books offer a wealth of experiences and knowledge, they enable us to climb inside other circumstances and outside of our own viewpoints. They take us on adventures and allow us to lead lives we’ve never led. These adventures, in particular, have never left me.

If you would like to know more information in particular on any of the books I have presented (They range from poetry [duh] to children’s books to thrillers) please click on the image of that particular book. It will take you to the relevant Amazon page where you can have a look at the blurbs. If you intend on purchasing any of these books it would be very kind of you to do so through the links that I have provided as it helps to support this website.