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Beth van der Pol

Beth is a writer by nature.

Ever since she learnt how to talk she has found it almost impossible to not tell stories.

Poetry and fantasy writer Beth wants to take the time to teach others what she has learnt about the craft of writing. 

Beth doesn’t believe in hard rules of writing and instead of showing you one way of writing she endeavors to show you all the ways you can make writing unique to you!


beth van der pol

Wobbly: A Twenty-Something-Year-Old’s-Perspective on Life

A poetry book.

Wobbly is a collection of poems extracted from the brain of a somewhat stable twenty-something-year-old. Beth Hitchman has strived to understand her own truth about the world all her life and has found a way to makes sense of how she thinks and feels within her poetry. A brutally honest collection of thoughts and feelings on four main topics: love, the world, self-discovery and hard to talk about emotions. Beth dives deep into these topics in order to give the world a piece of her mind. Offering a unique perspective on topics that are deeply individual Beth well; in the long run, hopes to save the world one poem at a time. On a more realistic scale she hopes to be able to inspire at least one person with what she has learnt about the world so far. If you’re a fan of free-verse poetry and enjoy poems on strong topics with stronger opinions consider picking up a copy of this book.


Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

– Louis l’amour

Coming Soon!

IN progress


A Fantasy Novel

The world was thrown into chaos once the trees started giving humans gifts.

Humankind quickly became corrupt and started to misuse these gifts, abusing their own race for power.

Will Callee, Samuel and Elske be able to survive the moral corruption? What will they have to give up for the sake of peace?

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