I received a copy of this children’s poetry book in exchange for an honest review, this in no way impacted my opinion of I Saw a Starburst To Flames, all thoughts reflected below are mine and honest. 

‘I Saw a Starburst to Flames’ is a poetry book for children. The book contains a wide range of poems that any child might enjoy that focus on topics anywhere from nose picking to American candy, my particular favourites were the modern retellings of nursery rhymes and fables. This book is illustrated in full colour and contains over a hundred nonsensical poems for children to enjoy.

The poetry in this book largely follows the same rhyming patterns and rhythms making it easy to read aloud to children. The punctuation is a little hard to follow, as a result of this, I found myself adding my own pauses to breath. Punctuation, in this case, is a non-issue and certainly not something that a child would focus on. It is worth mentioning solely as a warning to any adult reading this book out loud – without extra or more definite breaks – that they may become light headed.

From what I can tell the book hasn’t been arranged thematically or alphabetically but this doesn’t deter the reading process. Although some of the poems are similar in topic, there are not enough to make a solid theme grouping so, the decision to leave out sections makes sense for this particular book. There is an alphabetised index at the back of the book but no contents page. 

The poems themselves are light-hearted and fun to read, I can easily picture the children I’ve babysat in the past enjoying these verses. The topics that LaMar writes about are vast, and while many are silly and entertaining, some teach moral values in a subtle and enjoyable way. I believe this is an important quality for any piece of literature directed towards children. I am not sure of the age range I would put on this book, while the rhythm would be enjoyable to younger children occasionally the word choice seems odd for a children’s book. As you don’t mind explaining what phrases or words mean it would be a valuable educational moment to have between parent and child and would certainly benefit both parties.

Poetry is important to introduce at a young age, and a poetry book like this wouldn’t go amiss on your child’s bookshelf.

I recommend this book to any parents looking for a bedtime story solution, poetry is an easy to introduce storytelling format as it is short, witty and entertaining. This book is humorous for adults and children alike I can wholeheartedly recommend this as a fun introduction to poetry.


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