I’m up at 8 am, and I can’t see a thing out of my window. Although, now that I’ve started writing, I can see those beautiful pink tinges of sunrise brightening the sky.


So maybe this won’t be such a negative post anymore.


I was going to talk about how much I hate writing in the dark. I’m a keen out of the window starer. I get some of my best writing done whenever I’m able to clear my mind every now and then for five minutes. As a bonus, I get a lot of inspiration from the people that walk outside my house.


While I thought that I wasn’t going to be inspired this morning by the views from my desk, I was mistaken.
It turns out there is beauty in everything, even the darkness.


Want to know a strange fact about me? I hate writing with the curtains closed even if there is nothing to see outside. If it’s late or early and it’s just darkness to stare at. I enjoy staring at it. It helps me to think.
I think this is a common thing for writers. The ability to write life while staring at it from behind our glass cages. Who knows how many characters you’ve been in a book simply because you walked past a writer’s window at just the perfect moment.


I’ve made countless strangers immortal with my words. That’s a strange sort of power.


I’ve stolen entire outfits and appearances from strangers on the street. I’ve taken mannerisms and the way that they walk their dog. I’ve stolen the puddle splashes and the matching outfits. I’ve done this because people inspire me.


Despite being introverted and often uncomfortable in social spaces, I do think that human beings are one of the most inspiring things to exist, and trying to emulate a semblance of them on paper requires a lot of study.


Whenever I feel uninspired, I look out of my window. Every time I have been able to start writing again.
Most of the time, I will look out the window until an idea happens. Often aimlessly staring, sometimes I look at the trees, sometimes the people, sometimes I hunt for dogs walking past my window. I look at fashion. I look at the mannerisms. I look at the way that every single human who gets stopped by the tram lights starts walking again as the tram crosses their path before the yellow warning lights go out.


There are some things that you can rely on with humans. There are mannerisms you can place in your book. There are habits like hair-flipping or nail-biting that you can put into your novel. I know I have a list of things as long as my arm that I want to include somewhere in my book. Like the mousey brown pitbull that walks up my street and always pees on the same spot, or the group of three teenage boys that somehow manage to take up the path that five people could walk down side by side. I definately want to include the girl that tripped over the tram line but saved herself with a spin and then threw up her arms in victory because she thought no one was watching.


I find beauty and inspiration from the comfort of my home. I think that every writer should have a view when they write. It’s excellent for unsticking!