This Christmas I’m rereading some of my childhood favourites. My desire to read books I loved as a kid began last summer. I picked up one of my old favourites and fell in love with the story again.
Since then, I’ve been pickup up my well-loved books again and pouring over the pages. Here’s why.
I needed to read a good book.


In a world where new books and stories and plots are being published left right and centre, sometimes it can be challenging to navigate what you want to read. Some books are good, some are worse, and sometimes you don’t want to waste your time trying to find a book that you think you’ll love.
Often when I pick up a book nowadays, I’ll read it because the story or premise intrigued me, either that or because it’s required reading.


Since starting an English literature degree, let me tell you. It is not nice to be forced to read books that don’t interest or impress you. I’ve read a few stinkers over the past year and coming up to December more and more I want to go back to old reliable and enjoy a book that I know that I will love to read.
Things have changed since I’ve read it.


One of the most exciting things that I’ve noticed is since becoming a writer is I have been able to identify why the kid version of me loved these stories so much.


While kid me loved the book because of the adventure, drama and escapism, the writer version of me can recognise the tropes, why I enjoyed them. The writer in me can examine a piece of literature, while kid me would tell you what plot elements she liked about the book, writer me can understand what literary devices were used well!


It’s like a comfy sweater.


Okay, I don’t care if it’s gross to confess this, but I’m pretty sure we all have that one shirt that we wear for days and days in a row. We dread the day that we have to wash it because it’s just so darn comfy. We don’t want to take it off. We just enjoy living life in it.


For me rereading a book emulates that feeling. That warm, comfortable feeling. It makes me feel like I belong somewhere, that I’m a perfect fit. Having something that makes you feel that comfortable and content is a powerful thing in today’s day and age. Everything goes by so fast and sometimes, taking the time to reread a book that fits you perfectly is a necessary step back from our fast-paced world!
I forget the details.


I can’t help it. I consume so much media in the form of articles, books or films that I forget the plot and I forget the twists. If I put the book down for long enough I might even forget that I’ve read it, I swear without Goodreads I be a mess!


I enjoy rediscovering the details. Sometimes remembering that I enjoyed the book is enough to make me want to read it. I don’t have to remember everything to feel like reading it. I don’t have to forget everything to feel like reading it.


The rediscovery of a book is one of the most incredible things! I enjoy the surprise and then the memory of the first time I realised the plot twist. There is something enjoyable about the déjà vu of it all!
So this Christmas I’m getting cosy, enjoying some of my favourite reads and taking the time to enjoy the books that I’ve loved over the years.


Sometimes the best way to enter the new year is to revisit the past!