*Screams of excitement echo through the house from various rooms as I run up and down the stairs, and into every bedroom and bathroom yelling on impulse* “It’s live!”

Let me just tell you now that writing this poetry book is one of the hardest things I have ever attempted to accomplish! 

This book has had blood, sweat and tears go into it, mostly tears as it got scrutinised by multiple people in the harshest way (on my request). I have defended these works, rewritten these works, and fought for the poems that are in this book. So now I am proud to present Wobbly: A Twenty-Something-Year-Old’s Perspective on Life… My poetry book! *excited little squeal*

If you’re a fan of free-verse poetry and enjoy poems, on strong topics with stronger opinions; consider picking up a copy of this book. It’s an excellent way to help support me and my website, and you get a lovely little poetry book that has been beautifully illustrated out of the deal! This book focus’ on four topics: Love and Other Mistakes I’ve Made, My Best Attempt At Changing The World One Poem At A Time, Self Discovery And Other Adventures and last but not least, Other Emotions I Struggle To Express.

Please consider purchasing this book; you can find a link to it’s Amazon site here.