What is a writer’s notebook and why do I need one?

So what goes into a notebook? Whatever you like is the honest answer. Your journal should contain anything that inspires you to write… and anything that you would like to practise writing about. Take your notebook out with you, give people stories, paint that flower with your words. Explore why the old man still wears his tatty hat while making his daily trip to the newspaper stand. Figure it out, explore, this is the place to use an infinite number of similes and metaphors. This is where you make the connections. This is where you can show and tell as much as you like. This is the freedom of writing; it is why we do what we do. This is the place to embarrass and inspire yourself.

Freewriting: How To Develop an Effective Writing Habit

Freewriting can be a tool that helps you unlock the emotions behind what you write; it allows you to filter out what is unimportant effectively and really acknowledge what you value. It will enable you to highlight key phrases and ideas that you might not have been able to recognise without the use of Freewrite. Freewriting is also useful for establishing a daily writing habit. It’s great for writers who don’t have a specific topic or theme to their writing. It helps you establish useful information that can be stored in your story bank and pulled out as needed.

Clustering: How To Effectively Develop Your Writing!

Clustering helps writers take in everything that they actually know about the topic and not just what the think they want to write about. It’s a great way of helping you come to grips with elements that you want to introduce into your story and is helpful in most forms of writing. This technique is useful if you’ve been given a topic that you’re unsure about or just want to figure out the truth behind what you’re saying and where that connection comes from. Obviously, you won’t use everything in your cluster, so feel free to highlight what interests you and discard what doesn’t. Clusters give you the freedom to decide what you really want to write about after you’ve determined all end results.