ne of the most heartbreaking things for me is to see people that identify as an ‘aspiring writer.’ Don’t get me wrong. You can call yourself that if you like, but I’m just not sure it fits you.

Chances are if you’re not an aspiring writer, you are writing regularly, coming up with new blog material for that future blog or chipping away at the novel word count. Maybe you’re writing short stories, or poems, or one-liners that will one day grace the pages of a book.

Maybe you’re not writing regularly. Perhaps you’re not publishing? Maybe that’s why you feel as though you don’t qualify?

The thing is, no one said that a writer has to be published. A blogger has to be published. An author has to be published but a writer… doesn’t.

You don’t have to make money from your writing to be a writer.

You don’t have to publish anything to be a writer.

You have to put pen to paper to be a writer.

It doesn’t have to be regular.

It doesn’t have to be scheduled.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It has to be you working at your desired profession.

I’m not sure that an aspiring writer actually exists. Every writer I’ve ever met has developed some kind of story, private or otherwise. An aspiring writer is someone who wants to write but has never written. Is that you? Is that really you?

That’s something that you can change, really really easily! Why don’t you? Pick up a pen, write a poem or a story, plot an outline. Congratulations, you’re a writer!

Don’t limit your potential accomplishments by assigning them the wrong title. You’re not an aspiring writer. You’re an aspiring author. You’re an aspiring content writer, or copywriter or journalist.

You’re not aspiring to write… you’re already doing that. You’re working towards your goals and that matters! Don’t undercut your aspirations. Decide on your goal and make a conscious effort to work towards them.

Making a firm statement as simple as one will empower you to work actively towards your real goal. Let’s be real, just writing was never your real goal, writing something was. As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf!