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We offer book reviews here. We believe that writing and reading go hand in hand so we are here to offer a wide variety of literary reviews that show you the reasons why we love and hate books. We look at everything a writer has to offer and break it down into good and bad. If you’re looking for our very honest opinion on what makes or breaks a piece of work, our reviews tab is a good place to visit!
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Want to know how to hone your craft and build up your story bank? We explore the tips and tricks of the trade, tell you what works for us and what doesn’t. We want to make sure that every writer has the techniques and advice that are implemented by writing experts from everywhere and everywhen.
I wrote a poetry book! If you like my writing here and want to find out a bit more about the shape of the inside of my brain, please consider picking up a copy! The poetry book is a free-verse work of love that is easy to read with a collection of both short and long poems and beautiful illustrations by the fantastic Lainey Hitchman!

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How to take an idea dump

I wrote an article on how to utilise your writer's notebook to the fullest. One of the things that I couldn’t stop thinking about was idea dumps. I began to explore how they fit into my writing habit and why I continued to put my mass stupid, crazy thoughts onto...

Ways That Writers Procrastinate

If you’re anything like me, you understand that there is value in what others would deem “procrastinating”. I become a domestic goddess when it comes time for me to write. My husband is thrilled! The laundry, dishes, hoovering and dusting is done before he gets home...

Invitation to Poetry – Mihai Brinas

  Brinas explores music, nature and love as the main themes within his poetry. The overall sentiment of the pieces is easy to understand, but there is depth if a reader wants to uncover more about a poem. For me this book was missing some crucial elements, the...

Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coelho

"People only allow themselves the luxury of being mad when they are in the position to do so." - Dr. Igor.   Content warning: This book explores human nature along with concepts like suicide, mental health, corruption within health care systems and the nature of...

5 things you can do to write a better essay!

One of the hardest adjustments when it comes to transferring from high school to university is the difference in the quality of work you are asked to produce. Some schools do a great job of filling in the blanks and preparing you for the different ways in which you will be asked to write, others not so much. This is why I thought that it would be helpful to lay out some general rules to make sure you are ticking all the boxes for your tutor.

I Saw a Starburst to Flames – J.R. LaMar

The poems themselves are light hearted and fun to read, I can easily picture the children I’ve babysat in the past enjoying these verses. The topics that LaMar writes about are vast and while many are silly and entertaining some teach moral values in a subtle and enjoyable way. I believe this is an important quality for any piece of literature directed towards children. I am not sure of the age range I would put on this book, while the rhythm would be enjoyable to younger children occasionally the word choice seems odd for a children’s book. As you don’t mind explaining what phrases or words mean it would be a valuable educational moment to have between parent and child and would certainly benefit both parties.

The Cleansing – Anton Eine

I really enjoyed reading this short story, it was interesting to look at a planet and its history through another race’s eyes. I think this book is an excellent social commentary. The Cleansing is worth a read as it celebrates history and stories while presenting a warning about self-destructive nature. It was easy to read, despite the lack of dialogue tags and I appreciate the experimentation with this style of writing. While I cannot imagine a story in this style working for a full novel, it was perfect for this delightful piece of literature. It provides an enjoyable reading experience and a valuable lesson to writers that sometimes the rules of writing need to be bent. The storytelling was strong and, and I found myself wishing it was a little longer, I would’ve enjoyed learning more about the alien race and why they were on a mission to cleanse other planets. This information, however, would’ve bogged down the book with too many details making it more difficult to read. A collection of short stories following these characters would be interesting!

Dyslexia and Riteing

Writing is one of the most powerful careers there is, I honestly believe that. Words have the power to change the world one life at a time. There will always be that book that changed the way you thought, opened you up to a new part of the world or changed your mind. We shouldn’t hold ourselves back because of disabilities or learning disorders. I wish I learned this sooner in life, I could’ve saved a lot of time away from the kitchen and spent it sitting at my desk; writing a story that someone else needs. 

Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Paterson

The way this author writes about family dynamics and relationships is superb, the focus on the family and the everyday chaos within Jesse’s world is perfectly described and helps to shape our character further. Jesse’s way of life and thought processes are interesting and delightful! Everything about this book enchanted me. For the sake of honestly I do have to say that I watched the movie first and was spoiled for the book because of this but it didn’t detract anything from the story in my opinion. I perhaps didn’t get attached to certain characters as much because of this, but it is safe to say that both the movie and the book made me sob! That’s just the kind of person that I am though, even Disney Shorts make me cry.

Postpone Perfection

When I first started to pursue my passion for writing (I'm talking way back in my pre-teen years), I used to go over and over my "novel". I would relentlessly write and rewrite paragraphs and chapters; I would rename my characters, change my plot plan and...

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